We have outlined the following Community Guidelines to maintain a diverse and safe environment that fosters and encourages creativity.

Who We Are

Welcome to Model Baes. We created this platform to connect a community where people can discover and interact with others that share in their art, their lives and their creative passions.
Modelbaes  is a diverse community, our Community Guidelines must be followed for everyone to feel safe and free to explore and express themselves. We support free speech that does not do harm.
We understand for many Creators this is your livelihood, and you have our commitment to an open dialogue about both the Community Guidelines and Content Guidelines to ensure we are as transparent as possible.

Who Can Play

With the goal of creating a community that is inclusive, inquisitive, and diverse, we are open to all Creators and Users over the age of 18 who meet and maintain both our Community Guidelines and Content Guidelines.
Though nudity and solo NSFW content is allowed on our platform behind subscription or messaging areas (subject to compliance with our Terms of Use and Community & Content Guidelines), we ask that all Creators keep the public spaces on Modelbaes pages (meaning profile pictures, membership tier descriptions, page banners, etc.) non-nude.

Who Can’t Play

As a platform that empowers Creators financially, we are required to restrict both the types of media and projects that can be funded on Modelbaes. At no time can a Creator make any credible violent threats, commit violent crimes, disclose private or personal information of others, coordinate nonviolent harm (such as fraud, money laundering and gambling), or encourage others to do any of these activities.
Furthermore, Creators with a direct affiliation to violent or dangerous groups (such as terrorist or cyber terrorist organizations, organized criminal groups, and violent hate groups), may be restricted from receiving funds through Modelbaes .
Additionally, Politicians cannot use Modelbaes to solicit votes and/or aid in running for public office, or to fund the political campaigns of others.
Failing to comply with these Content Guidelines may result in removal from the platform.
Content that is commercially motivated that drives users or traffic off to other websites is not allowed. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or similar non creator platforms are acceptable. 

Safe and Respectful Play

Our Community Guidelines exist to ensure Modelbaes is a safe and inviting environment for its Creators and Users.
We encourage all members of the community, both Creators and Users to be open to new points of view, and to respect each other’s right to express themselves so long as doing so does not silence someone else.
We encourage all members of the community, both Creators and Users to be empathetic and kind. All individuals have their own tastes and proclivities. We are of the “do you (but do no harm)” mentality. It’s every member’s duty to create and protect an environment where members feel accepted - not targeted, marginalized or judged.
We have a zero tolerance policy for spam or solicitation of any kind, including but not limited to creating pledging schemes, or the use of Modelbaes to release or link to spam, computer viruses, malware or phishing schemes.
We have a zero tolerance policy on use of others’ private personal information or collecting someone’s personal and public information for intimidation, also known as Doxing.
We have a zero tolerance policy for sexual advances or harassment, and behavior that violates the law or our Community Guidelines and Content Guidelines.
We have a zero tolerance policy for sharing conversations outside of the context of this Community without permission of the members involved.
Be Yourself

Modelbaes is for Creators who are authentic. At no time can Creators post content that infringes on others intellectual property. To learn more, visit our Terms of Use.
Creators cannot create fake pages or collect money for things they are not actually doing. For example, Creators cannot create a fan page for someone else.
Creators cannot pretend to be or impersonate someone else by using the name, brand or content.
Creators cannot create misleading posts or comments on other Creators’ pages to promote their own page.

Do No Harm

While we encourage everyone on the Modelbaes platform to creatively express themselves, we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, threats or hate speech of any kind. This extends to all Creators and Users of the Community, including celebrities and public figures.
If you view any content as bullying, harassment, threatening or hate speech please report it to the Modelbaes compliance team.


To keep our community safe for the largest number of Creators and Users possible there are limits to what we can allow. Below are Content Guidelines to give our Creators the most amount of whitespace possible.

With an 18+ age verified Creator and User community; nudity is permitted on the Modelbaes platform.
As a reminder, there is a zero tolerance policy for posting or sharing nude content of any individual under the age of 18, including yourself. As a strong commitment to child safety, we will work with law enforcement whenever we come across child exploitation material.
Pornography and Sexual Services

We don’t allow pornographic material or sexual services on Modelbaes, which we define as more than one person engaging in sexual acts such as sexual intercourse on camera. 
We have a zero tolerance policy for the glorification of sexual violence which includes bestiality, rape, and child exploitation (i.e., the sexualized depiction of minors). This is true for illustrated, animated, or any other type of content. Modelbaes reserves the right to review and remove accounts that may violate these Content Guidelines.
We also do not allow other sexual fetish creations that appear as non-consensual sex, such as incest or necrophilia.


We have a zero tolerance policy that promotes or glorifies self-harm, self-injury, suicide, or an eating disorder.
If there is a credible risk a Creator will harm themselves, we will work with law enforcement as needed.
If you or someone close to you might be in danger of hurting themselves, please contact local authorities or seek help:
Illegal Activity

We have a zero tolerance policy for Creators collecting money for an illegal purpose, or that encourage others to break the law. Creators may not promote illegal weapons, drug manufacturing techniques or distribution, property crime, human or animal abuse of any kind, and illegal betting or gambling products or services.
Dangerous Activities

We ask Creators who are posting dangerous stunts to include a “Warning” disclaimer. More information available on our Terms and Conditions.
Child Safety

We have a zero tolerance for behaviors that exploit minors in any way. All participants on the platform must be 18+ years of age with no exceptions. We will report all users engaging in any exploitative activity to legal authorities upon removal from the platform.
Drugs, Medication, and Supplements

Creators may share their experience with struggles faced and how they got better as a way of helping others – we understand that. However, creators are prohibited from encouraging harmful or dangerous behaviors including illegal drug use, irresponsible alcohol consumption, prescription drug abuse, as well as offering any form of medical or alternative medical advice that may put someone at risk.
Weapons and Explosives

We have a zero tolerance policy for Creators who upload content intended to sell, purchase, or obtain firearms or explosives. We prohibit the use of weapons to threaten, harass, cause self-harm, or remote violence or any other illegal activity.
This includes:
Offering promotions, coupons, gift cards, or any incentive to purchase, sell, or obtain firearms or explosives.
Content intended to sell firearms, instruct viewers on how to make firearms, ammunition, and accessories that simulate automatic fire, or instruct viewers on how to install firearm accessories.
Tutorials, instructions, or demonstrations for crafting or modifying weapons, ammunition, and accessories, such as 3D printed designs, manufacturing firearms, and homemade explosive devices.
We prohibit live streams that show the Creators holding, handling, firing, and transporting a firearm and/or explosive.
Alcohol and Smoking

While creators are welcome to create content that highlights alcohol and tobacco products such as their favorite cocktails or favorite cigars, creators are prohibited from offering promotions, coupons, or any other incentives to purchase or obtain alcohol and smoking products.

While we welcome nudity and some tastful sexually explicit content/art that complies with our Terms of Use and Content Guidelines, we do not allow Creators to provide access to pornographic material such as giving access to a separate website or shared private access to pornographic content on any other platform, and the platform’s payment system cannot be used to fund escort activity.
Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Selling and Raffles

This is not a platform to facilitate direct consumer product sales or a Multi-Level Marketing outreach of any kind.
Additionally, Creators cannot request payment for raffles or giveaways in any way, as these are subject to state gambling and lottery regulations.
Copyright & Trademark in Merchandise

Content created on the platform will not be used in any advertising or as promotional material without permission from the Creator. All content is subject to review and the company reserves the right to refuse the processing of any content at any time, for any reason.
It is the Creator’s responsibility to follow both the Community Guidelines and Content Guidelines, and by submitting content to the platform, you accept that it complies with both these guidelines and the platform’s Terms and Conditions.

Last updated: December 2022